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Introducing 🌟 The Long Stay Project Treats 🌟

In 2021, Amanda Jo was a volunteer at a shelter in Lockhart, Texas. When she would go volunteer, she would notice a dog named Spot sitting in his kennel looking sad, but she was a little unsure of him due to his barrier reactivity in his kennel, but decided to give him a chance and once she met him she was in love. Spot had been in the shelter for over a year before Amanda started working with him and changed everything for Amanda, she learned that you can’t judge a dog based on their presence in a shelter kennel, Spot looked reactive and intimidating, but after getting him off campus and putting a cute bow tie on him, he was cute and more approachable looking and that’s how The Long Stay Project started.

After Amanda took Spot off campus and saw the vast difference in his behavior and demeanor compared to how he is in the shelter, it sparked her interest to see how other dogs were as well. She was set out to earn the trust of these dogs, develop true bonds, show them they still have someone in their corner, and show the public their true personalities in hopes someone takes a chance on them.

Since starting The Long Stay Project in 2021, Amanda has helped over 30 dogs find their forever homes by getting to know the dogs, creating very strong bonds with them and helping them become their best selves while she worked with them. Each dog Amanda has helped has had unique temperament, personalities, and home requirements that Amanda has taken on and ran with. She visits the dogs at the shelter on a consistent basis to form the bond, takes them out on day trips and overnight sleepovers to showcase the dog outside of the shelter environment and then shares the dog far and wide in the hopes of the right person seeing their new best friend and taking the leap. Amanda’s selfless and tireless advocation motivated me to start advocating for the dogs at my local shelter. Amanda has become an amazing mentor, inspiration and good friend and it is an absolute honor to now offer The Long Stay Project Treats where 50% of all the sales will be donated to Amanda to help her continue to advocate and find homes for more long stays!

WildWolfePack Treats are homemade dog treats consisting of high quality, pup-friendly ingredients made with lots of love from my kitchen. I take a lot of pride in making each batch of treats with so much love and care for your dog. Our treats are always taste-tested by our highly trained taste testers Wendy and Eevee to guarantee your pup will love every bite!

Please also include your dogs name and Instagram handle so we can personalize your treat bag 🙂

I’m a stay at home mom of two little girls trying to give back and make this world a better place one treat at a time.

Our dog treats will stay freshest in our sealed bag for 4 weeks out of the fridge and in the fridge for 2 months!

It is an absolute honor to make treats for your pup!

Please choose the flavor of treats you would like in your bag and tell us your dog’s name and IG handle if applicable.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 in
Dog Treat Flavor

Chicken and Parsley, Peanut Butter and Banana


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