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How did you get started making dog treats?

It all started with a handful of bananas nearing the end of their shelf life. You know, the point when the banana peel has a lovely golden brown, slightly charred look to it and the inside has matured into a soft gooey morsel packed with flavor. Typically, these are the perfect bananas for baking banana bread. Unfortunately, we already had a couple loaves of banana bread consuming precious space in the freezer (yes we have a problem but I’d argue that’s a great problem to have). I thought to myself, why not spoil my puppies with a nice baked treat. Of course, one batch of treats was far too many for our two dogs to consume in a reasonable period so I offered some to my neighbor (for her dog of course). She convinced me I should try selling them and that’s why we are where we are today!

What ingredients do you use?

We strive to pick only the freshest ingredients from our local grocery stores. It’s the same ingredients we purchase to feed our little humans. We like to treat our dogs like family and feel they deserve high quality ingredients as well. Our standard treats come in two flavors, peanut butter and banana or chicken and parsley. In our peanut butter and banana treats we choose organic and high quality ingredients. The peanut butter we use is freshly ground in our local grocery store and has no salt as salt is not good for our furry friends (reference). We use organic and ripe bananas, organic coconut oil, organic whole wheat flour and a teaspoon of citric acid, which is a natural preservative derived from citrus fruit to preserve the treats and keep them as fresh as possible while still maintaining the quality of ingredients. Our Chicken and Parsley Dog Treats contain organic chicken breast, organic chicken broth with no salt, and organic parsley which is high in Vitamin A (important for the development of your pet’s vision and immune health) (reference). Parsley is also one of the best natural sources of Vitamin K you can give to your pet. Vitamin K helps maintain a healthy blood clotting system and promotes liver health (reference). Parsley is also rich in folic acids and antioxidants (reference). We also use organic eggs, organic whole wheat flour and citric acid in our chicken and parsley treats as well.

When will my order be baked and shipped?

We have a page (Order/Shipping Process) dedicated to this topic. The goal is to get you your treats as fresh as possible.

Why do you recommend refrigerating the treats?

Following the previous question/answer, it’s important to keep in mind that our treats are fresh baked goods and contain a lot of fresh ingredients. Just like any other fresh goods you would get at a bakery, our treats will start to expire quicker than a traditional dog treat that you’d buy at a pet store or online that contains many more preservatives to help prolong the shelf life. We dehydrate our dog treats which also helps to remove a lot of the moisture in the treat, but if your dog takes a little bit longer to finish a bag ideally the treats should be refrigerated.

Where does WildWolfePack Treats Donate to?

When we moved to Austin, TX I started volunteering at a local shelter called PAWS Shelter of Central Texas, walking dogs there to help socialize them and get them some exercise. I have always been extremely passionate about shelter and rescue animals and when I started this business I knew that I wanted to make rescue animals our mission. In addition to volunteering with PAWS I wanted to help in a monetary way as well and that’s why I chose them as one of my donation partners. I loved that I could physically go to the shelter and see the animals that I was personally impacting. We have also made it a point to put the money to physically improving the shelter, one of the goals we worked towards in 2022 was improving the dog play yards with new mulch and were able to have The Home Depot participate in matching our donation for mulch and did it yet again in July of 2023 with 150 bags of mulched spread to enhance the time the shelter dogs spend in the play yards. I decided to take a step away from PAWS and focus my time elsewhere, but am still working to impact and help 6 other amazing organizations and rescues including:

Battle for the Bully who are extremely intentional on education and removing the stigma of bully breeds and are continuing to save abused and neglected dogs and giving them the best lives they’ve always deserved.

New York Bully Crew, which is a non-profit that pulls bully breeds from kill shelters, rescues them from the streets, provides them with all their necessary medical care, and then works tirelessly to find loving homes for them.

The Animal Pad, which is a non-profit, all breed dog rescue that focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters and the streets of Mexico and is doing big things on the west coast!

TRAPRS, which is an organization that serves the Greater Austin, TX community, TRAPRS is a fully volunteer-run 501 (c)3 charity organization with a mission to help humanely trap, rescue and provide strategic consulting to lost or stray pet cases.

The Long Stay Project, With Austin animal shelters historically overcrowded, we have a lot of dogs stuck in the stay position for months and even years. To relieve the stress from shelter life and help long-stay pups stay socialized, animal advocate Amanda Jo treats them to overnight Airbnb stays full of cuddles and TLC. Her commitment doesn’t stop there: By featuring these looked-over rescues on her social feeds, she’s encouraging prospective pet owners to take a closer look, and helping these deserving dogs find their forever homes.

Yaqui Animal Rescue, which is an amazing rescue out of Sullivan, TX located on an 80 acre ranch. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, vet, and find forever homes for as many animals as possible in the Rio Grande Valley.

How much of each purchase gets donated?

When I started WildWolfePack Treats I went into it knowing I wanted to make an impact on as many rescue animal’s lives as I could and that’s why I decided to donate 50% of every single sale to each dedicated rescue, Battle for the Bully, New York Bully Crew, The Animal Pad and TRAPRS, The Long Stay Project and the Yaqui Animal Rescue and that is still true to this day. I am so passionate about this work and pinch myself daily that I get to spend my time doing this!