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Lick Mats are something we started using for our girls a few months ago and they have been such a fun addition to our meal times. It helps me to get a little more creative with their meals and adding in a few more yummy pet safe foods for the girls that they wouldn’t typically have in their go to meals. It also helps to slow the dogs down and adds a little more enjoyment and makes their meals last longer instead of it being 30 seconds and done for the day.

I’ve also done research on the benefits and they can be very useful in certain situations including:

  • Energetic dogs who need a calmer activity to bring their arousal down after a walk or hike
  • Anxious dogs who could benefit from the added distraction around a trigger
  • Typical high-stress situations like thunderstorms, vet visits, bath time, and grooming
  • Fast gobblers (goblins?) who need help slowing down during mealtime

Living in Austin, TX, the summers get extremely hot and our dogs have really enjoyed a little mid day lick mat with frozen chicken broth and peanut butter on it. It adds stimulation to their day that they typically don’t get with exercise outdoors, because it is so hot outside.

We hope you enjoy adding a little fun and enrichment to your babies meal times!

Safety and Durability Combined: The Golden Arch Lick Mat is made from superior, food-grade silicone that is both resilient and non-toxic.

Material: Food-Grade Silicone

Lick Mat Color

Blue, Pink, Purple


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